Our approach

Personalized and commited

We have a personalized approach towards the client company and the selected candidates. Our senior partner is responsible for the whole process, from intake with the client to the final agreement with the selected candidate. This 1-voice approach guarantees:

  • Speed
  • Commitment & personal approach
  • Quality of the process

All candidates on the shortlist are the result of an in-depth market research and direct personal approach. The search is not database driven.

Every search is a “fresh” approach towards the candidates-market.

A competitive fixed fee, irrespective of salary level, gives peace of mind towards the client company.

Concrete steps

  • Intake with all stakeholders involved in the selection process.
  • Market analysis to define where potential candidates can be found.
  • Long list with the company names and  the names of the identified potential candidates.
  • Thorough assessment including softer skills as well as professional experience, intellect and cultural fit.
  • Shortlisting and presentation of confidential reports and analysis.
  • Client/candidate meetings and feedback.
  • Advice on final decisions, package negotiation and reference checking.
  • Post-assignment feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

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