Executive search

25 years of experience in effective executive search

Since more than 25 years, V&N and Partners is expert in executive search for high performers and high achievers, with a reputation for delivering when other methods have failed. We seek out candidates who combine intellect, energy and integrity with the appropriate professional skills to add real value.

Thorough selection process

Throughout our dynamic search process we ensure an in-depth and meticulous assessment of both the relevant market sector and the potential candidates within it. This includes analysis of candidates’ softer skills as well as relevant experience and intellect. Coupled with our knowledge of the client, this process ensures that only the most suitable and best qualified individuals are introduced.

Sectors and specialisms

Most important for a successful search is full attention for the company’s culture. V&N and Partners is active in different sectors in industry and services, e.g. Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Services, Banking, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources …

We focus on Directors, Plant Manager, Senior Managers, Executives as well as Specialists.

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